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Thank You ZTO Sponsors

Finally have a chance to sit in front of a computer so I wanted to recognize all the sponsors who made this year's ZTO all it was! Thank You!!!!!!!!!

Missoula Prudential Properties was our Title Sponsor and they came through HUGE!!!!!

Our Gold Level Sponsors were:
The Trailhead
Brooks and Browns
Old Town Creative Communication
Mystery Ranch
Big Sky Brewery
Insane Leatherworks
Tom and Lacee Putra
Innova Discs
The Liphardt Family
Tyson Marks

Our Silver Level Sponsors were:
Layla Sevilla
Taco Bell
Garden City Supply
Play It Again Sports
Dave Spencer
Stimpi Ridge Disc Golf
Lesli Younger
Mental Toss Flycoons

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ZTO Volunteers

Wanted to mention and Thank all the people who pitched in last weekend at the ZTO.

Thanks to
Billy McManus
Ryan Krug
Ben Huss
Bob DeRiemacker
Moose McNulty
David K
Tom Potts
John Willard
Nancy Morgan
Andrew Stewart
Paul Liphardt
And the countless other people who pitched in to help make things run as smooth as possible.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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Would like to hear constructive feedback as to how we can make next year's ZTO better.

I can say that we will not have it at Fort Missoula on a weekend with Soccer going on again.

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First off I gotta say that

First off I gotta say that once again Zoo Town kicked @$$, such a fun and well run event. Kudos to Brian & everyone who volunteered their time to make this event awesome again. I am still kicking myself for having missed it last year & it was great to see so many of the Missoula golfers who I hadn't seen much of since I was last there.It was great to get back to Blue & the teepads were awesome, thanks for all the hard work there and it will be even more amazing when they are finished. I love the temp on 15 and Pebble Beach even though it got me during the second round. Lunch and everything (minus the rain) was awesome on Saturday. I love the Fort too, such a treat to get to play there. Thanks for going through the hassel of getting the permits to use that site because everyone really seems to love it. The only thing that I can think of with the Fort is that since it seems to be settling into a usual layout some distances would be nice to see on the tee sponsor signs but I also completely inderstand why they are not there. I guess my only true complaint is that I wish Big Sky was open a bit later because I was somewhat rushed to get there in a timely manner and it's just nice to try some tastey beverages. I'm looking forward to the All Souls Ale that I got & to whatever else I pick up when I'm in Missoula for the Marathon next month. Awesome work Brian and GCFers!

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World Champ

Another world champ with Zoo Town connections. Congrats Sarah!