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Hey guys so just a quick update from me and the fam. We are now in Laramie WY to go back to school finally! I've gotten involved in the community down here and there is lots of talk about building a permanent course on Forest Service land about 10 miles outside of town. I'm just posting this hoping to get some feedback from you guys in regards to the first steps in talking and bring this up to the FS. Brian or Helena guys do you have the original proposals for any of the courses up there. Thanks in advance and if you have any documents hit me up via email et_guzik@yahoo.com. Hope all is well up in the MT and I'll see you guys at least once this year hopefully more!

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Forest circus

Good luck with the forest circus, hopefully they are easier to work with down there.

But FYI, both blue Mtn and pattee never had purposals, they were just made by people and eventually accepted/grandfathered to those recreational areas. Prob one reason we've struggled with them... as these were not originally approved uses for the area.

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