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What up Headwaters? So, I logged on to put the feelers out there for a used disc golf bag. One that can hold a decent amount of discs, and also has two shoulder straps would be ideal. Any clue how much a new one from mystery ranch costs, or more importantly, if they are available to the general public?

Next topic...I thought it might be sweet to have some sort of outlet for exchanging discs between everybody out there. For instance, I am looking for a few putters. I would part with some lightweight drivers...


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I can't speak to your other

I can't speak to your other questions, but the Mystery Ranch Golf Mahal is ~$300.

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Old Fade

I have a Fade Tourney bag (orange and off white) in almost perfect shape with shoulder straps. But I took the divider out for my new Mystery Ranch raffle win bag. I'm sure one could be constructed of cardboard or something? Shoot me a PM if you're interested. I'm tired of it going to waste.

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holotone's got it about right

holotone's got it about right for the MR bags. I believe I payed $260 when I got mine so they're around that, not sure if they have come down in price. Worth it though IMO, and as you can see at tourney's a lot of other people's too ha ha. Sick bags for sure. Also check out Revolutions, I had one before my Golf Mahal and it didn't fail me at all.

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Disc exchange

Check out the website called discaroo. Its a disc trading website where you can post your discs and then search through other peoples discs to find something you'd like to trade for. I've used it numerous times already and it has worked great.

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