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something seems drastically wrong with the round ratings.. unless by some miracle the top 25 Intermediate Ams all shot over 1000 rated rounds.. Puzzled .. my guess is the Jamanji course was not played by IntAms, but the numbers reflect like they did... dunno though. For a second I was like "holy f*(^, the top IntAm shot a 1073 rated last round!!! WHA!!?!?!?" Laughing out loud

nice job to sexton too... UNOfficially three, count 'em, 1.. 2.. 3... rounds, ALL 1030 rated.. unofficially, but still consistent Smile

Can't wait to see and meet everyone this weekend!

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Did the Intermediates play

Did the Intermediates play the Porcupine Course? It sucks to sit back and wonder about all of the what ifs, if I had been able to play. I am sure it was a fun one, hot as usual I see. I wonder how the wind was both days? It seemed pretty bad from where I was but am not sure about the west side of Spokane. It looks like Jared Ogren shot well, congrats, I hope he is pleased with that.

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yes they played porcucpine

yes they played porcucpine 1-10 twice is what I heard? wish I would have, then my rating would be through the roof as well. Big smile

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Me too!!! I just sucked at the Jumanji course. LOL....It was really hot and humid compared to Missoula and the wind was a factor...especially after the first 9 holes.

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