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Folf in the Parks is back for the winter! Here is the announcement via Tyler from Parks and Rec:

Hello All,

We will be hosting our Winter session of Folf in the Parks every 2nd Saturday of each month from November-March from Noon-3. Below is the schedule for each of our winter sessions.

November 12— Broadway Island
December 14— McCormick Park
January 14— Pineview Park & the
Trail behind the PEAS Farm
February 11—Wapikiya Park
March 11—Ben Hughes Park

We are also going to have our 3rd Annual Frost Fever Disc Golf Tournament on Saturday, January 28th starting at 11 Am. We will just play 1 round for this event. Due to closer at Fort Missoula we are going to have the course set up downtown in our riverfront parks. Keep it on your radar.

A flyer is attached to this post.

Winter session poster 2016 17.pdf301.66 KB