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The 2017 GCF All Member Meeting and Membership Drive will be held on March 16th at the Hilton Garden Inn. We'll begin taking memberships at 7:00 with the meeting beginning at 7:30. The agenda for the meeting is posted below. More info on membership is posted in another post. Hope to see you there!!

2017 All Member Meeting Agenda

End of Year 2016 Financial overview
GCF Board Member Elections - President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
GCF Board Appointment of Webmaster
Blue Mountain projects
Pattee Canyon projects
New course possibilities
GCF Events
Zoo Town Open
Merch Items
Open Discussion

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Membership info

Membership info can be found at http://www.gardencityflyers.org/site/node/1972

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Meeting info for this Thursday

Bump for the meeting this Thursday nite. We will be in the Bitterroot River room of the Hilton. See you there!

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2017 Board Members

Several people have asked me what it takes to run for a Board position so I'll post some info here.
First, you need to be a current GCF member
Second, you have to have a passion and desire to improve DG in Missoula
That's it!!
I love to see more people taking an interest in the administrative side of things!! It sure makes it easier on me! I'd like to encourage anyone who is interested in holding a GCF Board position to put their name in tomorrow nite. If you don't feel comfortable running for a position but want to help out with things let me know. Everyone has strengths that can help make our Club better!!

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Last Thursday's meeting

It was good to see so many people at the All Member Meeting last Thursday! Big thanks to Arlin for setting us up with the room and the hor d'oeuvres!! We'll get the minutes typed up and posted soon

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Meeting Minutes

2017 GCF Club Meeting Minutes

President- Brian Bjortomt (unopposed)
Vice President- Aaron Kenyon (unopposed)
Secretary- Kelsey Wilmerding (unopposed)
Treasurer- David Spencer (unopposed)
Web Master- Bob Deriemacker (Board Appointed)

2016 End of Fiscal Year
Club Funds totaling nearly $11,000 ( total from Paypal, petty cash and bank account balance)

Bag Tag Rounds
-Ace Pot: Was agreed that funds from Yeti league would roll into the Bag Tag less 25% to the club, total of $389 remains for Thursday night Bag Tag rounds
*Was agreed that the $1:$3:$5 Ace pot buy-in structure would continue, with 25% of any pot won going to club
-Women’s League play was introduced, Details to follow as schedules and structure develops
- Arlin Bird presented new Sunday League with focus on SUBSTANCE FREE play, passed around interest sheet for feedback on what type of play people would like to see, hoping to begin in May
- Kevin Sheehan inquired about the possibility of having sanctioned league play but point was made about permitting at Blue Mountain by Brian B., Sky Ranch was mentioned as possibility

-*** ANNOUNCEMENT WAS MADE REGARDING MEMBER PRIVILEGES AND CODE OF CONDUCT*** Brian B. read from the Garden City Flyers bi-laws, Section 2.4 Code of Conduct with focus on zero tolerance for bullying, aggressive or intimidating behavior from any and all club members. Brian requested any infractions be reported to him or board member immediately.

GCF Events
Folf in the Parks- Multiple locations, will be run through Missoula Parks and Recreation

Return to the Nest, July 8&9 Butte, MT ( Also weekend of the Butte Folk Festival)

Jackie Spencer Memorial September 9&10 Sky Ranch, Rock Creek, MT

Possible Throw Pink event October 15, Details TBD

ZOO TOWN OPEN Presented by Ink Realty June 3&4
Saturday at Blue Mountain and Sunday at Sky Ranch
Registration and Sponsorship announcements and Request for volunteers

New Courses
1. Reserve Street Bridge Proposal
- Problems with access to the space, Timeline TBD
2. Milltown State Park
- Would be funded by GCF, space for 12 holes, Installation potential in fall 2017- Spring 2018
3. Fair Grounds Course - possibility
-Beginner style course, possibly funded by the Fairgrounds pending submitted budget approval, installation could be as soon as Fall 2017
4. Lolo School Course
-Brian Jacobson presented, 9-hole seasonal course, NO substance use, possible June 2017 installation

- Kevin Sheehan inquired about developing Lubrecht Forest however distance was concern, Brian B thought focus should remain on possibilities closer to Missoula area

Course Projects

Pattee Canyon:
Fence removal and downed tree removal with assistance from Montana Conservation Corps
Tee pad improvements
Directional arrows installed beneath baskets
Aaron Kenyon proposed some limb removal, specifically on holes 1&2 to improve playability
Ideas to create alternate pin placements and/ or tees

Blue Mountain:
Bench to be installed on Hole 4
New sign board, including but not limited to, Map, Code of Conduct/ Etiquette, QC Codes, Not littering Notice
Lost disc box was suggested by Bob D.
Aaron Kenyon asked about practice basket- Brian B. said that ’no further impact to the resource’ will be possible
*Not yet approved:
7 new tee pads, replace bricks on Hole 6 blue tee
New tee signs? Small steel resistant to vandalism
Erosion control on on trails, consolidating existing trails and rehabbing alternate routes (special attention to Hole 13)
Designing Map with hole by hole details in QC code form

Tee Pads to be installed spring 2017, 5-9 possible funded by GCF and Big Sky

New club hats & tees, discussed other items that members would like such as hoodies, and cotton tees

********Brian B offered the floor to anyone with comments, questions and ideas for the 2017 Year********
Neal Leathers proposed additional board member positions be created and added