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This year's Timber Beast Challenge is just around the corner on June 30th! The locals have been hard at work whipping the Beast into shape for this year and from what I hear it's looking great!! They’ve been doing a lot of clearing and have added a few alternate sleeves and will possibly be adding a new tee box or two as well to add some new flavor to this year’s event. There will be free camping in Roosevelt Park once again as well as the Discs Across the Kootenai distance contest following the Awards Ceremony Saturday night.

Online registration will be available early next week through the Garden City Flyers website.

Schedule of Events

Friday, June 29
4:00 – 8:00 – Registration and player check-in
6:00 – Random draw doubles $5

Saturday, June 30

Pool A – Adv Men, Adv Masters, Adv Grandmasters, Adv Senior Grandmasters, Int Men, & Rec Men
7:00 – 7:45 – last chance registration and player check-in
7:45 – Players meeting
8:00 – Round one shotgun start
1:30 – Players meeting
1:45 – Round two shotgun start

Pool B – All Pro divisions, Adv Women, Int Women, and Juniors
9:45 – 10:15 – Last chance registration and player check-in
10:15 – Players meeting
10:45 – Round one shotgun start
4:15 – Players meeting
4:30 – Round two shotgun start

All divisions
8:00 - Awards Ceremony in Roosevelt Park
8:30 – Discs Across the Kootenai Big Arm Contest

Divisions and Entry Fees

Pro Men, Pro Women, Pro Masters, Pro Masters Women, Pro Grandmasters, and Pro Senior Grandmasters - $62
Advanced Men, Advanced Masters, Advanced Grandmasters, Advanced Senior Grandmasters - $52
Advanced Women and Intermediate Men - $42
Intermediate Women - $32
The above divisions are PDGA sanctioned and include a $2 PDGA player fee and a $3 MT Points Series fee (only $1 for Int Men). All current PDGA members will receive a $10 discount.

** Recreational Men - $22
** Juniors - $17
** The above divisions will not be sanctioned or recognized by the MT Points Series

There is a $2 park fee included in all entry fees

Optional $3 acepot for everyone

For MT Points purposes, the Pro Senior Grandmasters will be grouped together with the Pro Grandmasters; the Adv Grandmasters will be grouped with the Adv Masters; and Pro Women, Pro Masters Women, & Adv Women will be grouped together. Adv Senior Grandmasters, Int Women, and Rec Men will not be recognized by the Points Series.

See you in Troy!