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CD is correct. The rule was originally called the un-safe lie rule then was changed to include shots where it was impossible to make a throwing motion from, to where it is today. This means the rule supercedes the definiton. Man talk about vague.

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You know, I am remembering back to the States at the X last year, and I am remembering that there was a local fellow in our flight who also threw into the rock slot with me on the short down hill (number six, I am thinking now). His disc was in such a spot that he could get a foot behind the lie and he could get off a shot. If he had been able to stand on top of the rock with me he would have had a much better look at the basket. He and I were two feet apart, but I took my shot from on top of the rock for an easy three and he had a horrible look and took a five. If he knew he had the option, he would have for sure taken the easier lie on top of the rock.

Is the rule saying that the option exists?

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