Spring Fling - Billings, MT Points Series #1

Apr 4 2009

2009 Spring Fling is the first stop in the Montana Point Series

Diamond X DGC - Billings, Montana

Players Registration starts: 8:00am
Players meeting: approx. 8:45am
First Round starts: 9am

PDGA C Tier event
Two rounds of 18, final 9 for top open players*
Open, Amateur, and Women's divisions. Entry Fees TBD

  • Open and Masters $55, Plays: red, black - green, blue
  • Advanced Ams $45, Plays: green, blue - red, black
  • Advanced Masters $45, Plays: red, black - green, blue
  • Women $35, Plays: red, black - green, blue
  • Intermediate Ams $35, Plays: green, blue - red, black

    There will be a 2 dollar Ace Pot with a dollar for each round.

Alternate front 9:
Holes 1, 3, 4, 5 are being taken out and reconfigured tomorrow. The Alternate Front 9 will have 2 holes going through the the valley the basket of 1 sits in. The Big Long Alt 2 that follows the fence will then become Alt 3. Alt 4 and 5 are both on the bottom level and make there way to alt 6 which stays the same all the way through alt 9. So yes there is now going to be no more holes on the second tier level. A few reasons for it is to make the speed of play a little bit faster and also to take the climb up and down for flights who have to start on those far out holes. The new holes are going to be great as we have test run them a couple of times with a traveler.

Additional Information:
Rocket Burritos for lunch

Random Draw DOUBLES Friday @ 4pm