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If it's not till summer again that sucks. What pisses me off about the Forrest Dis-Service closure is that they only ban folfers from the rec area when it's closed. If you want to bike, hike, walk you dog or picnic then by all means that's fine but if your a folfer; sorry you will be fined during said closure. To me that is crap. Either it's open for all or it's closed for all. Sorry had to vent a little, I been going to Pattee a long time and Ranger Bob ain't no friend of mine. He's to busy drinking the Pattee Canyon Homeowner's Association's koolaid.

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I completely agree. Imagine how the club as a whole feels, having raised thousands of dollars for all the baskets and teepads on top of many, many hours of labor installing them plus annual maintenance... gets me pretty chaffed thinking about it (especially when it's 63 degrees and sunny out! Stare )

The Opening date as of now is the same as last year, JULY 1st
- although it was mentioned of a possible opening of JUNE 1st, conditions permitted

this is what the situation was last year and currently all info the FS has passed on...

BTY, who is Ranger Bob? not familiar of a Ranger Bob at Pattee..?

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