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I just got my new bag a Latitude 64 Pro bag, I was looking at them for months and trying to ask everyone that I knew if they had seen one or knew anyone who had one. NO ONE I know has ever seen one so I took the gamble on getting it. Well I broke it in tonight and the first round performance was awesome, lets just say it did better than I did. Three huge pockets I can fit a hoodie in the front pocket, the main pouch can easily hold 20 discs with a double putter and mini pocket on the side. The only thing that I can say so far is there is only one water bottle holder but again the pockets are big enough you can fit a couple more 20oz bottles in anyone of the pockets. All in all time will tell but I'll keep you posted, so far WAY better than my old Innova Comp bag.

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They look really sick.

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