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Bob, I just noticed that you've made some new improvements to the GCF store well done Sir! I figured that posting it here would be a good way of showing off your new additions looking forward to even more goodies!

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meh... not really. I had our

meh... not really. I had our club memberships and bag tags in our store before the season even started. Brain had me take 'em down until the 1st meeting of the year, then I forgot to turn them back on, crap! still waaaay, waaaay, empty... ..and I think we out of half the stuff. I have never gotten to take photos of our products, other than a couple hats, that we no longer have. The only benefit our store have served us thus far is Tourney Pre-Reg. - but that has actually severed really well.

... and oh yah, the sticker does NOT have a photo of our patch, your seeing the "category thumbnail".

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