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Just a reminder. A little over 3 1/2 weeks away until the 3rd annual Ice Bowl in Salmon. Like all of the previous years, my Bro-in-law, Steve Puglisi will be hosting the event. Since there is no other events in Salmon, they put all of their effort into this great 1st Tourney of the year event. We have traveled down there with as many as 15-20 guys each year. It is only 140 miles, really not too far. Everybody is welcomed. I will let Steve, when he gets a chance, put up the details. I know a couple for sure. Huge Bonfire, Giant pot of Chili, Homemade Salsa, great after party on his private course on the banks of the Salmon River. Gear up and head down with us!

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Jeff and I will be comming

Jeff and I will be comming down on that friday. Cant Wait.Scott you are comming down right, Look forword to seeing everyone.


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Absolutely Rick. I will be

Absolutely Rick. I will be heading down that Friday night also. If any of you are planning on going, let it be known here, so Steve will know how many to plan for. D? CD? Are you guys planning on going again? I know McCoy won't miss it. Brian will be there. Bob? I am most likely driving with my wife and daughter, but if someone needs to be strapped to the roof of my topper, there is room up there. Most likely the back end will be filled with baskets. That's another thing, bring your baskets. More metal the better.

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The Elder Shane
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Some old dudes

Elder and old school Zoo Town player, Zoltan, are planning on it. I should be able to smuggle D over as well. I will have two Discraft Sports in tow. I just blasted my pecs, so watch out.

Elder Shane

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will try

def trying to make it. can't believe i'm planning for dg trips again already Smile

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Great Shane, glad you are planning it. Will be good to see Zoltan too. I just remembered that you were also in that 3 or 4 man tie last year. Cd, glad you will be there too. I'll bet you have a little chip on those broad shoulders of yours, after last year. Just need a little more salsa this year. If I could make it to Farragut, you can make it to Salmon.

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With the helena ice bowl cancelled Im looking for a ride to Salmon for sure. Me n my Brother phil need a ride if anyone has room, we will pay a hefty bounty Smile. Also if u only have one seat i am interested in taking it. Arlin Bird. plz post here if u think u have room thanks!

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Winter golf. Yes please.

Hey guys. I am 99% sure I will be heading down for this tournament. My boyfriend will be joining me as well. Any more details you're willing to offer up? Can't wait to see everyone again. Hope everyone is well.

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Steve in Salmon
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Yes it is time again !
The 4th annual Salmon River Tournament
Saturday Jan 8th 2011
Two rounds 18 holes
1st round tee off at 10 AM
Sign up at 8 AM
Everyone welcome

Open $25
Masters $25
Amatuer $20
Women $20
Recreational $15

The recreational class is for first timers - nothing but fun!
Small payout for winner of open class
All classes will play for trophy's
Lunch will be provided
Wall tents with wood heat for overnighters
4 inches of snow
Steelhead fishing on site

Call for directions or questions 208-756-7553


Slammin in Salmon Beer


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Slammin in Salmon

Can't wait for this weekend!! The Salmon crew always puts on a good time. Regardless of the weather, tempature, or ice they have the best non-improved tee pads in the area, hands down the best chili, and the famous ace-inducing salsa. Camping on the river, playing a cool course, and good times in the winter - what could be better??

Just watched D's movie from the 2009 Ice Bowl and the epic 4 way tie after 36 holes between D, CD, McCoy (the 3 time defending Champion and still undefeated in Salmon) and Elder Shane (who has been working out all winter just for this event Wink Who could forget the Crawler in the creek with people piled on top of it forming the gallery for the play-off. Good memories!!

With Helena not holding a winter event this year, I would expect to see a bigger than usual turn-out for Salmon. If your going and have room, post it up!! There are a handfull of people who are still looking for rides.

Schhlammin in Salmon!!! Beer

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first tournie of the new year so excited!

it will be my first time at the salmon ice bowl, and i believe the first year some ladies are participating too. Take it easy on us girls you guys...looking forward to some camp fire and seeing all the crew again!

_the birdie*girl_