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124lbtrout: Etiquette question

    When your flight mate finds his or her disc and starts lining up for a putt, and you are somewhere in that golfer's viewshed, what is the correct reaction?

    Do you,

      A) stand motionless facing the basket;
      B) back out of the view of the putter as quickly as possible; or
      C) turn your back to the putter so as not to make eye contact?

    Also, is it considered poor etiquette to pass between a putter and the basket at any point, even while the flight is still walking to the putting green (as it is considered poor etiquette in ball golf)?
    OK, I thought of about a dozen questions golfing the other day, but those are the only two I can recall presently.

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It seems like the only time a person should walk ahead is to locate the disc to figure out the putting order. I personally don't care if people or flight mates are in my line as long as they aren't moving and don't stand next to the basket. My putting stroke is more of a concern to me. Spectators are a different ball game. Schultz at the Memorial was really bothered not by people who were not moving but that in his line of sight the people behind the basket were confusing his depth perception. He did just throw ob though so could have been rattled.

On another note I just played blue. Man we are lucky to have a course that has everything.


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